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DDX connects people with data to create a reliable win-win-win-ecosystem.

We envision a cross-industry ecosystem, in which data is easy-to-process and valuable for all stakeholders. With our DDX platform we match IoT-data with contract information, so that finance institutes, machines users and machine builders benefit from more flexibility due to maximum transparency.

Machine User

Machine users are now able to pay for machines only when they actually need them. This new pay-per-use pricing model for machines ensures a better cash flow and maximizes cost flexibility.

Financial Institutes

Our ecosystem enables state-of-the-art financing with transparency on asset, contracts and risks based on real-time performance of an asset. While supporting the backoffice, IoT data can be used for risk prevention with easy-to-read visualizations.

Machine Builder

Access new sales or revenue channels to increase your business. Bundle machine sales with service and maintenance contracts fueled by IoT data. And, cater to new business models such as pay-per-use.

The platform:
Your access point to a whole new IoT-world

All data streams are connected by our platform where users can monitor IoT data and directly combine it with their individual insurance and finance package. Whether you want to monitor your assets or instantly contribute to your contract partners of choice, we are the ones to ensure your data is securely collected, processed and transferred with easy-to-read visualizations.

To sum it up, we offer:

•  Connector for dynamic insurance or pay-per-use financing

•  Machine status dashboard

•  Damage reporting

We make data tangible

We securely extract machine data directly from its source and efficiently deliver it to the intended endpoint. By leveraging the DDX platform, we establish a reliable and transparent environment for all stakeholders involved.

Do you want to see this connection in your living room? Use your iPhone or iPad and scan the QR code to view our AR DDX model!

a win win win ecosystem

a win win win ecosystem

a win win win ecosystem

Money transfer according to invoiced payment date

Money transfer according to invoiced payment date
Machine usage

Today with IoT-data you only pay what you actually used, produced or processed

Money transfer in accordance with usage
Machine usage

Join our win-win-win ecosystem

Global IoT market value by 2025
IoT connections by 2025
compared to number of IoT connections in 2016

Based on a GSMA study the expected market value of the global IoT market will reach $1.1 trillion. Since the number of IoT connections will quadruple in 10 years from 2016 we are already in the middle of the change.

If you’re excited to become a part of this new transforming market, our platform is a great chance to have an easy entry point.

Don't wait any longer. Connect the dots!

We want to give you a good overview of our approach – so simply schedule a meeting. Our Data Driven X team will answer all of your questions!

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