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Where finances & IoT data intersect.

DDX meets Financing institutes

Lessors and Insurers, as our partners, can now explore new dynamic financing offerings for production machines.

We enable you to offer your customers a fully automated, flexible leasing or insurance package that is enabled with real-time performance and updated with actual risk-relevant information.

We connect you with machine builders and machine users looking for innovative approaches for leasing other financial services.

Your role in the ecosystem

Financial institutes are the game changers for new business models in this data-driven ecosystem. And, DDX fuels your journey towards data-enabled innovations.

  • We generate more value for your contract information of financing products by enhancing it with the real-time usage of the machine.
  • Broaden your insights into the machine with full transparency on the risks, and the residual value of the machine.
  • Monitor, assess the status, and access risk-relevant information of your contracts! All in a single dashboard.

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Frequently asked questions

What does IoT mean?

IoT or long Internet of Things means exactly what it is saying. That “things”, which were produced without any connection can now be integrated into an online ecosystem. This allows access to data that was stored only locally before. A typical example is your doorbell. Connected to the internet, it can inform you at any time if the package you’ve been waiting for has already arrived and where the postman can drop it off safely.

Can I connect my finance systems?

100% yes! We designed our application to communicate with your individual finance system in accordance with your guidelines and standards. Whether it sends us data about contracts, finance products, or insurance, we can handle it and adjust it to a seamless data flow between the machine and your tool.

Why should I trust your application?

Trustworthiness is also a big thing for us! We only use data with a good purpose and we expect the same from our ecosystem partners. But for sure, to give you more than just nice words about trust, we can promise you something:

  1. We only use the data that you offer for your contract management
  2. We never store it.
  3. Siemens keeps the highest standards of cybersecurity.

We actually have a whole portfolio element about it, but in Data Driven X it is all about you!

Main roles in the ecosystem

Machine User

Machine users are now able to lease machines whenever they actually need them.
This new pay-per-use pricing model for machines ensures a better cash flow and maximizes cost flexibility.

Financing Institutes

Talking about assurance, finance institutes that offer those leasing packages can now track the real-time performance and risks which is shared with insurance companies.
Our ecosystem enables a state-of-the-art financing model with 360° transparency on assets, contracts, and risks for all parties.

Machine Builder

Lease or finance your machines and stay connected to them. Access new sales or revenue channels. Bundle machine sales with service and maintenance contracts fueled by IoT data.
Forecast your spare parts production planning. And, cater to new business models such as pay-per-use and leverage outcome economy.

Don't wait any longer. Connect the dots!

What are the benefits? How does it function? How complex is the usage? We want to give you a good overview of our approach – so simply connect via email. Our DataDrivenX team will answer all of your questions and prove our solution with a live demo.