Facilitating Sustainable Practices in Industrial Operations

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Manufacturing/Financial Services

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Finance & Operations

Working with DDX to integrate financial services with manufacturing operations for improved financing solutions.

Our initiative is leading the way in sustainable practices for industrial operations. We integrate financial services with manufacturing processes to provide tailored financing solutions. We are embracing cutting-edge trends such as generative AI in manufacturing to optimize resource utilization and streamline operations for increased efficiency. Our strategic fusion empowers businesses to invest in environmentally conscious technologies, fostering a commitment to sustainability. This project is positioned at the forefront of manufacturing trends and is not only a response to current challenges but a proactive step towards a future where financial services and manufacturing operations work together to catalyze sustainable and resilient industrial practices.

DDX is a unique platform that bridges manufacturing data with financial products.

Michael BraunFinancial Services Liaison


Günter Radkohl

CD Germany

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