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Customer Engagement

Working with DDX to provide customers with flexible, data-driven leasing options that enhance satisfaction and loyalty.

This collaborative initiative between Data Driven X and the retail/automotive industry in Italy heralds a new era in dynamic leasing. Harnessing the power of data, the project is strategically designed to infuse transparency and flexibility into leasing processes. By integrating real-time insights, we aim to provide customers in the retail and automotive sectors with a heightened level of transparency, empowering them with a clear understanding of terms and conditions. The core benefits of this collaboration lie in fostering trust through transparency and offering flexibility that aligns seamlessly with the unique preferences and needs of customers, ultimately enhancing overall satisfaction within the Italian market.

DDX provides an innovative use of data to tailor financing options to customer usage patterns.

Chiara BianchiDredit Analyst


Aldo Negri

CD Italy

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